Travel and tourism in Pakistan article statistics website 2021

Travel and tourism in Pakistan 2021

Today let me take you on a tour of my beloved homeland PakistanAnd I will give you some information about Pakistan which will increase your knowledge and you will feel very happy when you visit this beautiful area.Pakistan Versus India Asia connects South Asia and West Asia. Pakistan’s full nameOfficial PakistanIndia and Afghanistan in the east of PakistanChina is located in the southwest

The Arabian Sea is located in the south of PakistanWhile the national language of Pakistan is UrduPakistan is one of the six most populous countries in the worldPakistan is the thirty six largest country in the worldWhile the area of ​​Pakistan is seven lakh 96 thousand 7 hundred and ninety six squareThe capital of Pakistan is Islamabad. The population of Islamabad is two millionIslamabad is

the largest city in Pakistan in terms of populationIslamabad was built in 1960And then from Karachi to Islamabad was made the capital of Pakistan while Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan.The total population of Karachi is 13 million. Most of Pakistan’s foreign exchange earners are from KarachiAnd after Gwadar in Pakistan, Major SeaPort is located in KarachiPakistan’s land is rich in natural resources Pakistan’s

land has everything from deserts to jungle mountains to riversPakistan’s coastline is located along the Arabian SeaKaram and Koi are located in the southern part of Pakistan in the Himalayan mountain range and in K2 Pakistan, the second highest peak in the world.At number one,

Mount Everest is located in Nepal, the highest peak of the neighborhoodThe height of K2 is 28,251futThere are 29 National Parks in Pakistan while Lal Sohanra is the largest park in Asia located outside. Bahawalpur is a district and division of Punjab Province.Lal Suhanra

National Park is home to a wide variety of animals and its area is very wide.Archaeologically, Mohenjo Daro is located in Sindh provinceAnd it was built in 1905Lahore Fort is located in Lahore city and is built on an area of ​​50 acresThis banana was built by King Akbar in 1666 and has since been condemned once again.Shalimar Garden made him a Mughal king in 1637It was built by the

Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and its construction was completed in 1941Shah Faisal Mosque is located in Islamabad and it is the largest mosque in Pakistan and it is such a beautiful and charming mosque that it is heartening to see and travel and visit it.The Badshahi Mosque in Lahore was built by King 6  Aurangzeb AlamgirThe work of Badshahi Masjid started in 1671 AD and was completed in

Taraweeh completely 1673 and it still stands with the same splendor and it has become a very high tourist center of Pakistan and its surrounding areas and Tourists come here and enjoy their heartsIn 1947, the Muslims liberated Pakistan from the BritishIt is the national dish of

Pakistan and the national juice of Pakistan is sugarcane juiceThe national animal of Pakistan is Markhor and the national flower is JasmineAnd Pakistan’s national fruit is Mango Pakistan’s national bird is the chakor and

the national sport is hockey and the world’s largest canal system in PakistanTarbela Dam is the largest dam in the world and generates 400 MW of electricityThe world’s largest salt mine is in Pakistan and it is in a steep place 

 10 most beautiful place in Pakistan 2021

  • If you want to travel, travel to these ten beautiful places and enjoy its beauty.

Pir chattal Noorani Balochistan

When you travel to Pir Chhatal Noorani in Balochistan, you will think that you have come to another world.There is a palm grove at Jalmaksi in Balochistan area known as New Pir Chattal NooraniThere is also a brace flowing in the Kheer Thar mountain range and there are also fish in this valley

which is two feet long and can clear its water.This oasis-like area is 235 km from QuettaThere is a lot to come here, so a lot of tourists come from Sindh and Balochistan bathing in the cold water with the fish and having a picnic in a quiet place away from the noisy city is enough to attract tourists and it is a memorable day of life

Fort RaniKot Sindh

Rani Kot Lakhpat Railway in Sindh Province is located in the rocksExperts from all over the world wonder who this fort was built for and for whose defense it was built.

The fort is built in an area of ​​36 kmIt is made up of high walls on three sides and a high mountain on the fourth side and its seed is a spring which irrigates the

surrounding area and is also used for drinking water.This spring was built in the tribe centuries ago and this type still exists today and the people of this tribe are still there

Rama Madhouz Gilgit

This is a magical valley hidden from the view of tourists Rama madhouz is located at an altitude of 3300 km above sea levelThis beautiful valley is located in Astor area of ​​Gilgit-BaltistanThis valley is beautifully covered with tall trees and shrubs and beautiful big snow.

It is covered with snow for ten months in ten years. Material and you can visit this valley in summer.There are white trees and many other beautiful trees in this valley and

it has been cut down by the timber mafia and its beauty has been ruined.Despite cutting down the trees of Akbar Mafia, this valley still wins the hearts of tourists of such a beautiful and charming city.And the cool air of this valley wins the hearts of the people and makes them mad

Gojal Valley

It is located at an altitude of 15,400 square feet. It connects to the border of Afghanistan on the one hand and the border of Afghanistan on the other.The Karakoram Highway connecting Pakistan and China passes through the BS Gojri Laila areaAt some point, even the government of Paragraph Hawza came to Gujar Valley 

gojal area is covered with ice but it also has a black lake of water and the people here are very beautiful and their cheeks are halal like tomatoes and their eyes are found and they are very Beautiful and very moral and goodThe area of ​​Gojal Valley was largely infested with terrorists.

Now the terrorists are gone. The people here used to be employed. If you ever get a chance, you are going to such an area. Now this area.  Safe from terrorism

Ghanche gilgit-baltistan

Ghanche is very famous for his popular yellow trees and his people are very beautiful and hospitable. They live very well with each other and have a very bad anti-leaf attitude.There are poplar trees all around the road in this area and they enhance its beautiful view.

If a boy sees the view of this valley in someone else’s house, it will look like a scene from a Bollywood movie.The whole area was full of idolaters. In 1970, Syed Nasir Tusi and Ali Tusi came here to spread the word of Islam and spread the name of Islam.There is also a fort named Fruit which was built in 1840 under the name of Raja Dahar

Dodi Pat Sar Lake

Dodi Pat Sar It is located in the vicinity of the lake. It is located here at an altitude of three thousand eight hundred kilometers above the sea and its water is blue and it is a very beautiful and charming prison. It wins the hearts of tourists and  Beautiful in the fifth most beautiful areas of Pakistan

The water of this lake is very cold because it is coming straight out of the glacier and it has a lot of wild animals in this valley because this valley is very beautiful.While some people used to say that the snow leopard is extinct in the world, this is the place where after the truth of human beings they found the snow leopard in this area.

kachura lakes gilgit baltistan

A little further from Skardu, there are two swings. It is called Kachura Lake. Upper Kachura Lake. One is called Lower Kachura Lake.This swing boat is part of Everest. It is 2500square kilometers above sea levelLake Upper Kachora has a depth of 70 km, with temperatures reaching 15 degrees Celsius in summer and ice in winter.

This lake can only be reached by those who are eager for the travel because there is no equal way to reach this lake.Lahore’s Chor Lake is also known as Shangri-La LakeShangri-La Resort P is famous all over the world. It was built by Muhammad Aslam Khan of Pakistan Army.

There is a very famous hotel here which is in a plane. Some time ago a plane crashed here and it was very intended to take it. The owner of Shangri-La Resort bought it and converted it into a hotel.  The hotel is very popular

Naltar Valley gilgit baltistan

It is forty-four kilometers from Gilgit-BaltistanThe favorite pastime of the people of Nakal Valley is to bat on the ice. Every man, woman, child and youth here are eager to do the fitting.People here are poor so they can’t buy expensive scandals. They make scandals based on their wood.And Muhammad Abbas Lee, a local resident, also took part in the Nick Jones scandal in Canada

Ansoo like Khargone Maili  Kpk 

When you hear the name of this lake, you may be wondering why it is called Anso Lake. It is called Ansoo Lake because of itsIts structure is like a tear lake so it is called tear lake so no one in the nineties even knew that such beautiful lakes exist hereAnd this lake is located at an altitude of four thousand

four hundred and twenty five kilometers above sea level and with it a mountain also known as Queen Mountain.Ninety-nine three Air Force belts that were passing through the area with their aircraft It is covered with snow for ten months of the year. You can only reach Lake Anso in June and July.

Astola Island Balochistan

Whenever there is talk of beautiful areas, I will tell you the names of different areas, but what I have given you at number ten is the principle of Highland. This is one of my most beautiful areas. If you see it, you will believe it.  The tenth principle is the island which is very beautiful.

It is more beautiful than any other area so I have put it in the office number.Astola Highland is 15 km long and 2 km wide and is an uninhabited island.There are fours attached to this Iceland. Like Balochistan, you can go to Highland by renting 15 principles.1928 or Pakistan and the government built a lighthouse that illuminates the whole of Ireland

Article writer Mohammad Tariq Bhati

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