Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing 3D

Beat your insanely crazy opponents in head-to-head drag races.
Get to speeds you never thought possible by controlling gear shifts and bursts of Nitro.

Race 69 cars, defeat 20 criminal lords, and you’ll be the largest fish in the city.

Pick from 69 different cars including dragsters, stock rides, and police vehicles
Let your creativity flow through an abundance of tuning and customizing options
You can drive through five city districts, each having an individual theme and gang
A real-life-inspired aircraft carrier for racing on
– Epic arcade game modes
Adrenaline induced Most Wanted police chases
– Amazing 3D HD video

Top Speed is setting the new standards in drag racing. Have you ever thought of participating in underground racing against erratic mafia mobs? Take a ride in a luxury car of the highest quality and show everyone who’s most powerful? Get behind the wheel and prepare to be blown off your shoulders the moment you press the”nitro” button.

With Top Speed, you can tune and alter your car according to your preferences. You can increase the engine’s horsepower or upgrade your gear, paint your car with nitro and add some stickers if you want to. Each one of these things will have an effect on the real-world driving experience. If you unlock the elite dragsters you also have the option of purchasing the most powerful visual mods on an illegal market. Everything from the criminal gang is at your use if you be sure to make use of them during the race.

Select the car you’d like from a vast selection of 69 cars You can choose to drive old stock cars, brand new modified dragsters as well as national police vehicles from five different nations.

You will never be stopped from putting your paws on the roads. Races are held outside the grid, away from traffic, which means you can go crazy with burnout, plow the dirt, and race to the limit.

Take on the odds as the mafia’s underdog and make your way to the highest levels. Every step will require you to fight against all the twenty criminals who hold the city under their iron grip. The asphalt streets of the city will be an arena of battle, and no limits are set for your ambitions, and adrenaline guides you throughout this race. You’re the top novice racer on the streets, but your competitors aren’t aware of that. What better way to show them by leaving them in the smoke of burnout when you’ve dropped the Nitro? Don’t do this at your home!

Drag race through five beautiful and distinct city districts. From charming Suburbs to bustling with High-life Downtown, your desire to see the sights will be fulfilled. Get your adrenaline pumping within The Little Asia district, a blend of China and western culture. Experience incredible speeds along the beautiful Highway. As a professional arcade racer, you’ll be able to showcase your skills in beautiful and realistic settings.

Your skill will be tested, so be prepared for the most thrilling arcade racing game in 2017! Download it now for free.

Turn on, tune it, race out!

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