Top Speed 2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) Drag Rivals & Nitro Racing

If pure, nitrous oxide-injected adrenaline is rising and the sound of the custom-built supercar’s engine blasting out then you are aware that Top Speed 2 has taken to the streets!
Top Speed 2 offers the most thrilling auto racing experience you can possibly want! Get involved in the exciting world of multiplayer races by the creators of Moto Rider GO, Top Speed, and Racing Xtreme for FREE.

* Try the brand innovative multiplayer mode!
Select among more than 70 of the most powerful automobiles in the world!
* Try hundreds of tuning and customizing options!
* Try different modes of racing, such as Story or Elite Mode!
* Explore 3 maps: highway, airport, and docks!
* Learn about special races that only run for a short period of time!
* Reach the top of the leaderboards to win races and become the best!
* Upgrade your car’s components without limit at hundreds of levels!
Explore stunning 3D HD graphics!
Choose from over 100 car decals!

The next chapter in one of the more loved head-to-head racing games is available, pumped up with some racing action that you’ve never seen before! The drag racing game you love has returned on Android devices! It’s time for you to crush your insane opponents and take over the streets! Get behind the steering wheel of the most powerful automobiles; participate in another race and be the most skilled driver!

BACKSTORY — Mole for the mob, or rat for the police? You’re a young officer who was suspended and is operating on the fringes of the law. If mafia mobs are determined to hold the city within their sway You must work during the night shift in order to accomplish your goals. Now, you’re the only person who can take on this unusual job. Be sure to keep them away from being investigated by the police. As a professional racer, you’ll have many opportunities to showcase your car in a comfortable, authentic setting. You can reach unimaginable speeds on stunning highways and motorways. This thrilling story is about the top drivers who have fallen addicted to speed and have become legendary racers.

DOZENS of cars The city you live in is the city of mafia and criminal gangs who have the finest cars on the planet. Show off your racing skills and select the vehicle you’d like from an impressive collection of 71 of the most sought-after supercars. But this isn’t all. There’s always more being added to the game in the future! Enjoy the asphalt tracks in fast-moving cars that you can tune and modify according to your preferences.

A FEELING RACER Imagine it’s raining, the scent of burning rubber drifts over you , and tiny drops of water fall onto the pavement – can you feel the difference? You’re the most exciting new driver on the road however, your race rivals do not know that. Imagine that there are no speed limits and no limits will be set for you. Let determination and excitement be your driving force during this race. The races are all outside of the grid, away from traffic, which means you could get a bit exhausted and go crazy. Don’t let it keep you from reaching the top. In this race there’s only one person who is most wanted by racers. Get started right now!

UPGRADING System Top Speed 2 Top Speed 2 allows you to change 7 automobile parts that each have a an impact on your race performance. Enhance the power of your engine and improve your landing gear exhaust, gearbox, turbocharger, and nitro or simply alter the pressure of your tires. Paint your car, and then put on some stickers if you require. It all has a huge impact on your driving experience. The entire arsenal of items from the underground criminal community are available to you – take advantage of them! Don’t leave your enemies in the smoke of the burning after dropping the nitrogen.

Prepare yourself for the most thrilling arcade racing game in 2019!

Download and play it for FREE right now!

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