breaking news A fire broke out in State Life Office Rahim Yar Khan

breaking news Rahim Yar Khan

Hello friends, today I am going to give you a big news in which the State Life Canal Road in Rahim Yar Khan has caught fire and the record of millions of crores of people’s policies has been burnt.  It has turned to ashes in which One One Two is busy decorating the eyes and considering this opinion,

some people say that the people of State Life have set themselves on fire so that they can digest and eat this money.  Let’s see if there is a fire in it by chance. Now let’s see what statements the satellite people give that this fire has been started by itself or in some other way. This situation has cost millions of people. 

If you look at any of their big food programs, nowadays it is time to look at people’s insurance policy records that should have been kept on a computer or laptop. Now let’s see if they sponsor the public.  They go around or come up with some other solution. They don’t get the record of their insurance policy back. They don’t see the Chief of State Life.  In a few days,

they will tell us the answer to whether they have any backup data record in their laptop or computer as they are and I hope that insha’Allah friends I will give you the good news in the next article that State Life’s  The chiefs have not made a good decision. They will not let people’s money be wasted like this. Information will come. Inshallah, I will tell you in the next test article.

 11 22 in Action State Life Office Rahim Yar Khan

Hello friends, as soon as the fire broke out in Saba Rahim Yar Khan State Life Office today, One One Two took very good action and immediately rushed to the spot and started putting out the fire in the State Life Office and they did a very good job.  In a matter of hours, while trying and trying, the State Life Office put out the fire and it is a great achievement of theirs that they have taken immediate action which will hopefully not cause much damage.Today, I commend my article in detail for one-on-one, that he has done a very good job and immediately he has done his duty well.

Next information

The next information about the State Life Office fire will be as to who started the fire and who caused the damage.  When the date comes, I will tell you in my article and give you complete informationYou guys have to wait for my nest article inshallah that as soon as you get information about state life i will give you my informationI will tell you what decision the Chief of State Life has taken now and what response he gives you

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