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If you have an interest in speed racing, Drag Battle 2 is the perfect game for you. You’ll be at the steering wheel of a racecar featuring a myriad of colours. The attractive 3D map system, along with an excellent gameplay will bring you an array of thrilling moments that should not be left out. Download this game on your PC and play racing with your own personal controls to take home the prize!

App NameDrag Battle 2
PublisherIce Storm
Latest Version0.98.17
MOD InfoFree Rewards

Highlights of THE DRAG BATTLE 2

Drag Battle 2 is a racer that is wildly popular across the globe and is enjoyed by a vast group of players. The game was developed as well as developed by Ice Storm. The player will be an experienced racer in the game and compete against other racers to take the title. In addition, you have a fleet of supercars that have a variety of contemporary styles. This game is free and is available for Android devices, meaning that you can download it and play it.

The game comes with a variety of games modes, appealing features, and a variety of tracks and locations. The best part is that the game isn’t as difficult than people usually think due to the fact that the game’s makers have optimized it but maintained a certain level of level of difficulty so that you do not become bored when playing. It is a race between professional racers around the world to become the most skilled racer.

Some highlights of the RAG BATTLE 2

With stunning graphics that included a range of game-quality supercars, the race offered participants the opportunity to experience different routes. The high-quality, clear sound system can make you feel more enthusiastic and excited when taking part at the races. The game is comprised of four playing zones with completely diverse terrains, like roads that run from the suburbs towards the city center, or track for sports … All of them make for attractive races.

Another aspect of this game is it can switch between different perspectives, and it can be played in both the first and third perspectives. When you play the game, you will feel as if you’re in the driver’s seat and you are accelerating. Additionally, players can observe all the tracks and be aware of exactly where he is to speed up to end. It is a highly competitive game , therefore you must concentrate on driving well and beat other racers to be the fastest possible.


When you play Drag Battle 2, you will surely see enormous supercars that have been meticulously designed to every aspect from the car’s wheel, to its gearbox that steering wheel .. This is significant, giving the player the feeling of the most realistic. Each supercar is unique and will have various engines, shapes and designs, as well as colors …

The most powerful cars available in this game include Renault, Daimler AG, Ford as well as Acura NSX are basically packed with other supercars, which is important. If you aren’t happy with your car you can alter their appearanceor design, but they are mostly are, however. They can be transformed into elegant, authentic supercars by incorporating additional equipment and assembling them in a way that they are awe-inspiring that is quite significant. This can cause your adversaries admire you and look at you every when they race against you. It is essential to demonstrate your speed and skill in order to get high positions on the leaderboards.

Excellent audio GRAPHICS

With a striking 3D graphics system, a meticulously developed interface, from the design to the colour of the Supercar. The racetrack too is embellished with every image. Although racers might not observe all the different scenes that are on track game producers are still paying attention to every tiny aspect. The scenes that are included that are included in the game, including villages, roads homes, trees industrial zones … have been well constructed and authentic to feel like racing in real reality.

In addition, the quality of sound in the game is very well-liked. You can hear the powerful and powerful sound like the engine of your car as well as the whistle and the rumbles as you fight. These vibrant, enthralling sounds can help you win more fights.

The most striking features and amazing features that the racing genre that Drag Battle 2 brings. The game is free to download, with gorgeous 3D graphics and a stunning audio quality, and will not disappoint you once you download it and play it.

Download Drag Battle 2 (MOD, Free Rewards)

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