Dr. Driving for Android Mod APK Game Download

Dr. Driving is a driving game that moves away from the classic sports racing model where speed is the key. Instead, he opts for a modal that allows him to drive normal cars, in normal urban environments, and at normal speeds.

The game has many different missions that generally require you to go from one point to another in the city and then park your vehicle. The objective is not to go at full speed through the streets of the city, but to take the curves well, not to crash and, ultimately, to drive responsibly.

By completing missions, depending on how well you do, you will receive an amount of money. And with this money, as you can probably guess, you can buy more and better vehicles for your trips around the city.

Dr. Driving is a different and entertaining driving game, which for once, does not ask you to participate in exciting road races. This time you must drive well, but in a real way.

Free car driving simulator
Dr. Driving is a mobile simulation game from LDS Inc. This free driving game is a departure from classic car games, where speed is the key. It also doesn’t have racing missions like other car simulators. Instead, it challenges you to drive well, find parking, and manage traffic.

Like Advance Car Parking Game: Car Driver Simulator, Dr. Driving works as an add-on to real driving. Provides a realistic experience for players, helping them get through traffic and reach their destination. Its graphics are not the best and they are not really original. However, it is an addictive game that makes driving exciting.

Complete driving missions
Dr. Driving helps players learn to drive in missions. Some include navigating out of a multi-level parking lot or driving through traffic with a limited amount of time. Other times, you will be tasked with reaching different destinations with limited fuel. However, all missions place importance on driving carefully, following traffic regulations and avoiding collisions. Traffic police are everywhere in the game, ready to issue tickets. Also, the collision will end your game.

Depending on how well you perform during the mission, you will be rewarded with money. Then you can use the cash you earn to buy new cars, engine parts, and repair the damages incurred while overcoming your challenges. As with other car games, your first car will be a junker. However, there will be a wide selection of cars available that you can purchase as you go.

Dr. Driving is an offline game. You can play multiple missions and earn in-game rewards without logging in or using an internet connection. However, it also allows you to challenge other players with its online multiplayer mode. You can even share your stats online to see how you are doing compared to others. To do this, however, you must log in via Facebook and Google+.

Easy driving
As with most mobile driving games, you can control your car by tilting the phone left and right while pressing the on-screen buttons to start and stop. The game’s controls are on a makeshift board, which is a bit distracting. It also gives you a clear view of the road as if you were driving in real life. As you travel more roads, instructions will appear on the screen, which you will need to follow.

However, as mentioned, Dr. Driving isn’t exactly one of the prettiest games. The cars and characters are incredibly square, giving you the impression that you are playing a SNES game. Also, there is nothing in the way of sound effects. Yes, there is background music while you are driving. However, there aren’t as many automotive sounds as there are with similar titles. Fortunately, the controls and menus are easy to use and responsive.

Not the prettiest but fun
There are various car simulators for mobile devices, and there are certainly more polished options for gamers. However, Dr. Driving can still compete with them. It comes loaded with challenges that you can unlock. You also have enough competition to satisfy your need for excitement. It may not convince anyone who is not a fan of driving games. However, if you love getting behind the wheel, this game is for you.

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