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CarX Highway Racing offers a sense of excitement and tension when racing in the countless, intense, and fast-paced races on busy highways. The graphics are impressive and offer a wide range of possibilities for the players to play while rendering each vehicle vibrant and refined on top of modern and advanced models. Most importantly, online activities or races are the thrills when players encounter numerous unexpected events.

App NameCarX Highway Racing
PublisherCarX Technologies
Latest Version1.74.3
MOD InfoUnlimited Money


The gameplay style used in CarX Highway Racing is completely distinct from a typical racing game. It is a highly stimulating experience that is always a source of tension for the players who compete against each other on different types of races or in various modes. Even the casual games aren’t to be ignored. In addition the ability to customize the vehicle or rules of the game is a major contributor in the depth and quality of gaming, or other content.


The wide variety of game types is the primary focus on when rules, or quantity of participants differ creating a different atmosphere and speed of races to shift dramatically. But, the rewards or the level of mastery for each type of game will be different and can also affect the system of reward. There are some notable and absurd game modes are only available only during special occasions, but the benefits and excitement they provide are exciting.

Unique and custom-designed control systems

Control of the CarX Highway Racing method is an ideal blend of manual and automatic that keeps players in sync throughout the various techniques. Based on the type of vehicle or track the control method can be different and diverse as well as players are able to connect to gamepads to experience a completely fresh experience. The good thing is that the players can personalize the controls to get the best performance, or according to their preferences.


Due to the wide variety of different game types, users have more choices when choosing suitable vehicles. Some lobbies require that the user use the correct vehicle in order to begin racing. The garage is abundant, and each model has a robust option for customization in terms of the appearance as well as performance. Based on the progress of each participant and progress, new cars will gradually unlock, giving them the possibilities to race in higher-level races.


CarX Highway Racing will continue to organize numerous events for athletes of various levels to take on new obstacles in their careers. The competitions are well-planned and participants must have the latest technology or completely upgrade their vehicles to be able to compete. The prizes from these events are very generous and include the most famous cars for the winners, or the top performers against the other competitors.


Highway driving is the most thrilling idea for this game. It is a race that is played on highways with the option of a higher density of traffic. Players will now have to beat other competitors when they are in the first position and avoid other vehicles, or else being as eliminated. The numerous variations or extra content included in this mode can provide a wealth of possibilities or fun for the player.

CarX Highway Racing is a new and exciting twist on the racing genre. Even the highway mode will provide a completely different experience. Beyond that, the game’s content, gameplay and graphics are impressive and top-quality, allowing gamers to play a thrilling racing game that they’ve never played before.

Download CarX Highway Racing MOD APK + OBB (Money/VIP/Level)

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