Car Mechanic simulator offline Game: Car Game 2020

Welcome to the latest Car Mechanic 2020 simulator game presented by GAMEXIS.Car mechanics simulation mobile game is a car game that basically features two different game genres, car building, car manufacturing, and car repair. In this new 2020 game, the player will have fun riding, simulating, modifying, and repairing racing cars.

Free Game 2021 Best Features:

  • Mini game with easy drag and drop controls
  • Cool animations and beautiful 3D graphics
  • Tons of fun game missions: repair, wash and decorate
  • Free car game, 8 new workshops with addictive gameplay
  • Cool Auto Shop Characters


In car games 2020, if you ever dreamed of becoming a repair car mechanic, in order to use your car mechanic skills and simulation games to make your car look more amazing, we bring new car games that have everything you ever wanted to do. a car to make it your mod car. In this car game,

you will build different cars at your car service station. In this free game 2020, build the sports cars and trucks you dream of having in your car garage as an expert car designer.

This car repair and car driving game is basically a super mechanic game that is free to download and play, it is very interesting as everything is easily automated in all car games. In best car games about dream car design it could be the perfect game for you to do whatever you want, tap, drag and all set to build the best cars.


In new games 2020, this car game has a variety of car repair tasks to perform at different car service stations, including gas stations, car wash stations, etc., which places it among the best games. There are seven distinctive car service stations with addictive car repair tasks to perform in this car game.

TIRES Store:

In this car game tire service station you will replace car tires with the latest modern game equipment. At first in this workshop, unscrew the old tires from the repair cars with a pressure jack and then replace them with the new ones in the 2020 car repair kits. Select the tires of your choice from the auto workshop and replace the old ones and become a professional auto mechanic.

New car repair game mode

Play games that are worth playing for driving. In this car workshop, you have to weld all the cracks in the car of your dreams using a gas welder. Also, remove rust from the underside of the body frame. This new game 2020 is one of the best games about car modification and repair. It’s a lot of fun, don’t forget to align the wheels of the car.

Body shop and dents

To repair the car body, you will go to the dented car workshop in this new game. You will see unwanted scratches, cuts and holes. Use a hammer to repair these holes and a gas torch to weld cuts and scratches.

Washing station:

Car game wash simulator to clean your dirty car so you need to wash these cars in car cleaning shop for perfect look. There is a car wash game workshop where you can use different car wash devices to complete the procedure by following the instructions. Downloading this car wash game now is full of fun.

Fuel station:

There is a gas station in this driving game where you can change the engine oil in the gas station shop and fill the fuel tank. Also, check your tire pressure and inflate properly in free new car games 3d 2020.


All this practice in this car-building game will take you to a whole new level of fun. You can tune in dozens of new cars 2020 available in this car mechanic game and car driving game. Simple touch and drag controls make this new 2020 game more intuitive and playable for gamers. So, play and enjoy your fun time in the new car game 2020 by adjusting your car as you like.

Play the free game download and enjoy the best games.

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